Thanks for this jewel Mondok. I know I have several so called "Good Friends" and family members that would love to rent a billboard to say this to me :-)


Anonymous said…
Well, Personally I love your blog.
I get to feel a little closer to you and the family from reading your blog. So, Mondok, get over it.
Alot of people like her blog. People who love her like her MOTHER! Love MOM
Carole Turner said…
Mom, Mondok didn't direct that at my blog, he found this himself on another blog and thought it was funny.So did I.
Anonymous said…
My Bad! Love Mom
Anonymous said…
Did Kerry make that sign? KKKeeeerrrryyyyyy.........???????

Anonymous said…
I love Linda. That was great!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link.

Looks like Mom really loves ya and has your back! Go Mom!!! :)

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