There is no way to express how freakishly excited I am right now. Let me explain.

My boss E-mailed me yesterday asking me if I would like to go to a C.S. Lewis Seminar at Saint James Church the weekend of October 13th. She wanted to treat me to it. Of course I would love that and I was so grateful and looking forward to it.

BUT THEN as I went to the web site to read the details, I saw, to my super geeked out amazement and ecstatic joy that THE Ralph C. Woods , professor of Theology and literature at Bayor University AND the author of one of the books that changed my life; The Gospel According to Tolkien , is gonna be speaking there!!!

I jumped up with a robust "OH MY GOSH DEAN!! RALPH C WOODS IS GONNA BE THERE!" I could tell he was as excited as I was.

I am SO wearing my White Tree of Gondor Shirt!!! And I am definitely gonna get his autograph.


Anonymous said…

I am so excited for you! God, always honors faithfulness! You have been faithful to do what He has asked of you(personally, and in doing the bible study) and see He really does give us the desires of our heart!I know you have bigger desires than this, but He even meets the little desires we have!


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