HPC now has an outreach in the Inner City, they call it ICU for Inner City Unit.

They do some sort of outreach every Saturday from around 10am - 1pm from the Baton Rouge Dream Center which is in the Inner City.

Dean, E, Steele and I are so excited about this ministry. I have already E-mailed all the Book Clubers to see if they want to take part in the ICU on October 28th. I don't know the details of what we would be doing but from what I understand, we are helping the poor with needs, which sounds great to me.

ALSO That same day is a Book Fair, sponsored by 225 magazine on the grounds of the old state capital. As the add says... "Tents at Spanish Town Road and North Fourth Street will brim with food and music and book-related activities for children and adults."

So that will be a busy day for us but also a fun, productive day if we get to do all we plan.

I am really so excited about the Wardrobe and the White Tree book club. We have had two meetings and each time only 3 of us were there BUT there are 2 different people on the online book club and a couple more ladies have signed up to attend the next one. I really think once we really get going good we will be able to do many of these kinds of outreaches.

Before the last meeting I was setting up and thinking "Ok, you may do this for a while with just you, Ann and Summer but don't get discouraged, God has a plan and he's teaching you patients and how to WAIT". Anyone that knows me well knows I'm not big on the waiting thing. I take off running and wind up tripping, skinning my knees and acting like a spaz!


grace said…
Hey Carol! You need to bring me up to speed on this. Maybe I could do the online thing? I know I'd enjoy it and it would be good for me right now. Would you mind emailing me the details?

Anonymous said…
I hope you are going to have security going in to the inner city with my grandchildren. Love, Your MOTHER
grace said…
I've ordered the book! Hope it arrives soon. I'm going to answer your questions (good ones) in a post I'm writing today. I'm not mentioning you in it...just writing a post to clarify my theology on all that. It's probably time to do that anyway...and it does me good to think it through, pray, and meditate about it.

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