Geek Fest day 2 and 3

I'm just going to hit the highlights of day two and three of the C.S. Lewis seminar since I know many readers of this blog don't have a Lord of The Rings Tattoo nor their daughters dresser decopauged with pictures from the Narnia movie so I know you wouldn't appreciate the details as much as I do.

It was great to be with others who love the works of Tolkien and Lewis as I do. And it was great to learn from experts about these incredible authors. I will post pics when I get them developed.

Here are excerpts from my notes.

Thursday night- David Hein

Courage is the form of virtue at the testing point, which means at the point of highest reality.

Demons are motivated by fear and hunger.

Demons feed on human weakness, pride, greed, etc..

We are under law or Christ-whoever loses his life gains it.

Friday night- Ralph C Woods

We have reversed the proper order of understanding.

We have applied the technology of efficiency to the human condition.

God desires our freedom and refuses to carry us.

The gift of divine grace enables us to make right choices.

Saturday Morning- Ann Loads

Lewis abuses God while expressing his grief over the death of his wife in A Grief Observed.

He is asking unanswerable questions.

Only in going to that bad place can he get past it to where God wants him to be.

When we are IN love, love God more then "them" then we will find them all in Him and love them more and better.

See through the enchantment and yet not be disenchantment.

Why me? Is not universal. It's actually very western, self centered.


Anonymous said…
Those are some great and very interesting comments. I bet it was good to be there.

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