Geek Fest day 1

Last night was the first day of the C.S. Lewis Seminar at St. James Episcopal church. Dr. David Hein from Hood College spoke and really dug into the Screwtape Letters. That book has to be for me, the hardest of Lewis' to read. I "Get it" but I just had a hard time staying focused. This talk really helped me.

I can't wait for tonight. Ralph C Woods will be speaking and as you all know, he's one of my all time favorite experts on Tolkien and Lewis. I am going to get him to autograph my book "The Gospel According to Tolkien" that he wrote.

I sat by a nice lady that is in seminary getting her doctorate and works at Shilo Baptist Church as the education Minister. She even has a book club at her church. I hope I get to sit by her again tonight. I felt like I was back in school and it made me miss it. I love learning.

By the way. Christian Century Magazine recently polled Catholic, Mainline Protestant and Conservative Protestant Pastors asking them to list their top 10 authors and C.S. Lewis was the only author to make all three list.


Anonymous said…
I am so happy that you are there and having such a good time. Learn something for me as well!
Anonymous said…
Screwtape is my favorite because it really forces you to focus and not just read quickly.

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