I don't watch the news much these days, I'm too busy living life and surfing the web :-) So I get my news from The Drudge Report and my very conservative friends, Cajun Tiger and ,Conservative Cajun. But I have followed this Foley thing a little. I will just say I am discusted, saddened and disappointed but not suprised by how most everyone in the spotlight is acting and reacting to this.

Here is a great article about what some Christian's are thinking about this mess.


Unknown said…
If you're gettin your news from me, you could be in trouble!!

As for the Foley thing, I just posted this morning my last comments on the mess. I haven't really followed it much b/c both sides appear to be playing politics with something that involves either a child predator or a corrupt creep (if the reports of all the pages being 18 during the e-mails are true).
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link...anyone and everyone regardless of party should be punished to the full extent of the law if found out they covered up anything...we will see how all the facts play out.

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