Yes, I currently have spacers in my teeth because I am getting BRACES again! November 7th. My teeth are sore already from the spacers and there is nothing quite like the sensation of something always being stuck between your teeth!

at least my niece wont be able to talk about my tooth that sticks out in the front and I will have a normal bite in about 12 months. Ya'll better look out because I will be a smiling freak after this go round!

Yea, I have had braces twice before!! Last time was at 13 yrs of age. But thanks to my one and only pregnancy with Evangeline where I threw up 6-10 times a day the ENTIRE PREGNANCY! I developed huge whelps on my gums and depleted vitamins needed to keep my teeth from shifting, so that and my wisdom teeth coming in made getting braces again inevitable I guess.

I am looking forward to the weight loss that is sure to come along with not being able to eat solid food for a couple weeks. If I can stay away from the Pumpkin Pie Shakes at Jack in the Box!


Anonymous said…
Well, I'm glad you aredoing it, even though I know its going to be a pain. What color are you getting?

I want a pumkin pie shake.

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