Twelve Years Today!

Everyday I can't believe how blessed I am to have Dean as my husband. He's not perfect and he's not Mr. Super Spiritual and I thank God for that. Dean's the real deal. He has a heart full of love for me that I could never explain or understand. He loves our kids more then I could have ever dreamed or hoped for. I didn't expect twelve years of Happy, heck, I didn't expect twelve years of marriage! But I got a soul mate, a best friend and a super fine hunk of man!! Thank you Jesus for Dean.

Happy Anniversary My love!


Anonymous said…
Congratulations, you crazy kids. Can't wait to see you.
Ron said…
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary you guys! May you have many more blessed years together.
DeanAaron said…
Yes Ron, "Dean" she knows what she talkin about or I just brain washed her
danohlerking said…
here's to the next dozen!

Robin said…
'Dang' Carole (to use a Carole qoute) Dean is the ,man! Congrats to 12 years, ya'll are doing something right. We have our 17th next week on Sept 23rd. and my parents annivers. is also this week. We know when to wed, right?
Keep entrusting all you do and have to Christ's Kingdom and to His will and all these things shall be added unto you. George.
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary to my favorite Son-in Law & my beautiful daughter.
I love you both. Love, MOM

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