Walmart trip

I'm watching Fellowship of the Ring. Steele says the prologue with me. I feel sure that by five he will be able to sound just like Galadriel.

Dean and E have gone to Walmart for groceries. They could potentially be gone for 3 hours. It's happened before. They go down EVERY isle. I get in and get out. I don't like to "shop" at Walmart. I try not to go with him whenever possible because not only does he want to go down every isle but he wants the entire family to do it and sometimes I just want to go hang out in the jewelry section. Sure, I leave with way more stuff then I had on the list when he isn't with me, A few shirts, a CD, some home accessories but Dean comes home with junk! He will buy Coa-coa puffs, ice cream, candy, chocolate.

I am fine with staying here with Steele, blogging and watching LOTR.
It's been forever since I blogged. Monday! I don't know if I have ever went that long. I guess it's because this has been a busy week.

We got another car

We weren't going too but Dean just couldn't see going back to one vehicle. We got a 2005 used Ford Focus four door hatchback. I knew I didn't want a boring color like white, black, tan, I wanted a yellow or blue car, this car is blue.

Dean is working the LSU tail gate that Coca Cola does every home game so that helps with the income situation and he has talked to them about working every Saturday for a while.

Book club

We meet again this Sunday. Last week it was just Ann, Summer and I and Mr. James, who is over me in the life group chain of command. He is a really nice man. He is over "Writers Voice" life group so I couldn't be under a more appropriate leader as far as interest go. We are hoping to do some stuff together as far as outreaches and the like.


Every day I realize what crap I am. I'm not talking negative, self is a nasty beast that must die. The problem I have is with the constant dieing and the constant rising of self. I pray God help me not be such a witch (with a capital B most of the time) but I often times feel I am losing that battle.

Just the other day when I blurted out "I'm getting on an anti-anxiety medication!"Dean said that I "needed to get on something!" sometimes I would like a pill that could unwind the cord a little bit.I'm not really going too-yet :-)

It's always hard to tame the fight, the defend yourself, the "don't take no crap off no one" spirit that was reared in me. I would love to kick some peoples butts sometime but thank God I have at least a little bit of Jesus in there to keep me from it. It's hard though, really hard sometime. THAT is one of the times when all I can muster is a tiny "help" and it works, slowly I can feel the calming, the peace ,then I can pray more and then more calm, more peace comes. THEN I can think clearer. And the process begins again.

I'm rambling, but hey, what good is a blog if you can't vent. Pray for me to be wise, kind and patient. Pray this all day everyday! Just kidding (not really)



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