For all you deeply spiritual and/or bible scholarly types;

I know the bible tells of many prophets rebuking leaders, false teachers etc. But is there any place in the bible where it says to talk about someone you consider a false prophet to others, not directly to the person you think is wrong?

I will be the first to say I have been guilty of that more times then I can count. I recently started searching scripture for places where we are told to do that but I find places where it tells us to take care of our own business(1 Thes. 4:11), scriptures that tells us to stay away from false prophets and warns us concerning the message of false prophets (2 Timothy 3:6; 2 Peter 2:3; 2 Peter 2:18; Revelation 2:14; Revelation 2:20) but I have yet to find anything that tells us to speak against our brother that we feel is in error EXCEPT to go directly to him (Matthew 18:15, luke 17:3, gal. 6:1).

So seriously, are there scriptures that tell us to "warn" others if we think someone is teaching in error?

Second Question

Why do people get defensive and feel hurt when others don't want to go to their church? Do they feel everyone should go to the same church? Everyone has the same "Flow"(a Dino word) ? I remember a time when I felt that way, I actually thought if you didn't believe just as I did about everything in scripture, you were wrong. Mother Theressa and I don't believe the same, she died a devout Catholic, does that mean she was wrong to serve in that church? I have so many friends that believe such different things but the core is that they love Jesus and are trying to do His will so if they choose to go to Bethany, Our Lady of Mercy, Christian Life, wherever, if they are where God wants them then God bless them.

There is a quote from one of my favorite books
The Gospel According to Tolkien by Ralph C Woods. He is referring to a scene from The Lord of the Rings when the elf Haldir is talking to Arragorn concerning the divisions among Iluvitar's (God) children,-"Haldir confesses the hard truth about schisms, whether churchly or hobbitic, when he admits that his initial suspicion of Gimli (the dwarf) was prompted by the enmity that Sauron (most powerful devil in Middle Earth) himself has sown,'indeed in nothing is the power of the dark lord more clearly shown then in the estrangement that divides all those who still oppose him'."


Anonymous said…
What a timely post! I wish I knew the answer to the first question. On one hand, as a christian I feel it is my duty to warn others of things I am observing and hearing (our neighbors were sent here to "plant" a church - nuff said). On the other hand, others would consider it gossip and very UN-christian. I am so torn, feeling guilty for not warning others, and guilty for wanting to tell everyone what I know.
I can help, somewhat, with the second question. I was raised in the Baptist church and still attend a Baptist church. It has become increasingly difficult for me to find fellowship within my own faith, because beliefs and "the rules" of how to be a good Baptist seem to change from one year to the next. I am not a new Christian, I have always had a good relationship with the Lord, yet I find my beliefs challenged lately, because I'm not going with the trends. People get offended because I don't practice "their" religion, even within the same church. It makes me sad because I really miss the religion I was raised in. Even being a Christian has become a competition, as if there will only be one winner.
On a particularly hard day, I followed the link on your blog to Dino's blog. I have never met him, nor have I ever attended HPC. Well, God must have wanted me to read it! On that day, he was writing about having led three services at Bethany and how great things had gone. He wrote about how grateful he was that "God is helping this region with a Divine realization that it is not about one person's monopoly on 'how you should do church,' but that there is harvest and beauty in the variety of God's people."
That was such a profound statement and I find myself repeating it throughout the day.
Well, I don't know if I helped answer any of your questions. Just know that you are not alone in your thoughts.
I really need to register - I really don't like being known as "Anonymous"!!
Bryonm said…
question 1: I'm shooting from the hip, but I can think of some examples of talking about false prophets: Jesus told His disciples to "beware of the leaven of the pharisees." But Jesus' motivation was to make his disciples wise and discerning, able to tell right from wrong. His motivation was not to make Himself look smarter or exhalt Himself (although He had every right).

Jesus also referred to Herod as "that fox."

Paul, at the close 2 Timothy, had no problem naming guys that did him wrong. They weren't even false prophets. They were just the kind of guys Timothy needed to watch out for and Paul let him know.

question 2: we love our churches. It baffles us when people don't like what we like or like what we don't prefer.

That's my two cents.
Anonymous said…
I think that it is acceptable to expose false religion, prophets, etc. I don't necessarily mean to take out an ad. I certainly tell my children and loved ones to beware when I see things that they don't. I think that going directly to a brother or sister has more to do with a personal nature. People shouting from the rooftops to lots of people sometimes need a rooftop rebuttal. I, too, am shooting from the hip.
Robin said…
Karen stole my thunder. This is similar to capitol punishments(execution)argument - Jesus said turn the other cheek, that was on a personal level if someome offneds you. However, when someone murders in cold blood - that has gone from a personal offese to a capitol crime whether the victim likes it or not. The same with the False prophet, if you have good and correct biblical reason for suspecting this or that person, if they are close and local and you can speak with them in person do so, but if they are a telivision-evangelst speaking to millions every week, you have every right to soundly disagree and share why you think as you do to friends and family.
Straight from the hip. Big GW
My word i.d. was "YEKITZPS" - sounds like a redneck word?
Anonymous said…
George, here's your thunder back. I just borrowed it.

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