Interesting article

A new study says men are more intelligent the women.

Ok, I will play along :-)


Anonymous said…
Surely that study has it all wrong :-)
Robin said…
That is a large study base - 100,000 people. Statical numbers don't lie, but statistitians can misinterpret. I am not saying he is lying or wrong, however. 3.63 point is fairly negligable. I do agree with his socio-anthropological reason - woman chose taller, more intelligent men (not in my case however) for the most part, in order to pass that on to there offspring. A kind of genetic selection. Is that selfish or bad? No, how about it is totally normal to want your offspring to do well. That very desire is pre-designed (DNA)to help the survival of the human race. You cannot spiritualize this one. We men need women and women need men. We compliment and challenge each other, hopefully for good and not for bad. What would the world be without the love and care of our mothers, wives, female friends and co-workers and not to forget our wonderful daughters and grandaughters? Besides, women are so much better looking than men!
I've said enough. George W.
danohlerking said…
men smarter than women? hmmmm. i'm sure there's something i should be saying here.... wait.... lemme go ask my wife what i should say....

oh yeah. men are probably at least smarter in the area of spousal selection. look at me and look at vicki. which one of us was being smarter in that decision?

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