Dana's New beginning

I went to my friend Dana's wedding last night. It was very special.

Dana's Story

Dana's husband left her almost two years ago for another woman. She was 8 months pregnant at the time and they already had a 4 year old son. They had gone to Florida to visit friends and he reconnected with his "first love" and her family (she was married with 4 kids at the time) both families got along great and spent time together. One night when Ricky had gone back down to Florida for business, he went swimming with the other woman and her kids, they started talking about old times and she said "I wish you had fought for me." Right then the seed was planted, deep in his heart he cherished that nod to his pride. He cultivated it, watered it, nourished it and began to believe it. The lie had won and he lost everything.

Dana held on for about a year after he left but after him telling her repeatedly that he was going to marry the other woman, that he should have never married her in the first place and when divorce papers were filed, she realized he had made his choice. He did marry the other woman on Christmas day this last year (wasn't that nice?) Dana in the mean time was introduced to Brian, a wonderful, kind man who fell in love with her and her two sons, that is who she married last night.

They had the song "The Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts during the unity candle and I cried. It was such an appropriate song. God has truly blessed her with a new love and I am so happy for her.

But by the Grace of God go I

I always wonder how a man can leave a woman who is pregnant with his child? It is freakishly selfish. Rick loved God and had been such an example to so many of a perfect husband. Their marriage seemed SO perfect but like any couple that chooses to follow Christ, the devil was trying to find a way to break up that "perfect union".

The devil found his kink in his armory, he had begun to be very pridefull about his success. Dana said he would say stuff like "look at what I accomplished on my own.." She remembers thinking "no, we are nothing with out Christ.." But he had begun to be puffed up. The Devil got in. Ricky couldn't fight because he was to busy believing he was great. Pride and selfish ambition (Proverbs 11:2, 16:18) are the entry way for so many visible sins like adultery and addiction. The bible speaks more about God hating Pride then any of the sins that we are so quick to judge others for. There are so many men and women that seem to be so together but inside they are eaten up with Pride and are in the grips of a soon to be life altering sin.

That's what freaks me out sometimes. The constant bombardment of the mind. I so struggle with it. I have a very obsessive personality. I obsess over everything. The rug at the office that no one straightens but me. The one fingernail that has chipped polish on it. Sometimes I just get tired of the fight but even when all I can muster up is the smallest, faintest little cry of "help" He hears and He helps.

You know what I have to tell myself so many times? 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 and Romans 12:1 & 2. I must bring every thought under captivity and renew my mind daily with the word or I will fall! It is a constant battle because NONE OF US ARE ABOVE FALLING THE SAME WAY. When you say "I would never" the devil says "let's see". I believe we aught always to say "but by the grace of God go I" it's ONLY by the grace of God that Dean or I don't stray. I pray "keep us where the light is Lord and give Dean and I both what we need to fight the enemy of our marriage." This is a gift from God that the devil is always trying to destroy. But thank God He did give us what we need, His word and His presence, we have only to seek Him.

Psalms 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.


Anonymous said…
Carole, like the ick of you and dean, happy for Dana! Go girl. Have a new blog site you will did big time. David Rainey goes to Hosanna and is a book reading fool. He eats books like most people eat potato chips. Check out his most recent entry. www.xanga.com/bookdave
Ya'll have a great week. George

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