"Business in the front, party in the back!"

ok, I had never heard this saying until the other day. It discribes something, do you know what it is?

I will give you a couple clues-

I remember Jeff Wells having a great one in 1987,

I saw pictures of Kerry Wilkerson with one,

I seem to remember Dan Ohlerking sporting one,

and I didn't know Dean back then but I saw pics of him with one and his was spectacular!

And none of the above (except Dean) could have one now.

What am I talking about?


agardana said…
Anonymous said…
Yeah it's got to be a mullet!!
Bryonm said…
The mullet.

I remember when I first heard that term. I'm like, "hoe does that haircut look like a funny looking fish?" I didn't see it.

British kids are trying to bring that haircut back. I hope they fail.
danohlerking said…
unless you can provide pics, i'll deny it till the day i die.

however.... i DID have a blonde "rat tail" when i showed up in baton rouge for bible college. actually dyed it blonde with ty tabor at his apartment (he's now the guitar player for king's x). now there's some 80's for ya. (and some "what were you thinking?")

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