Another month, another book.

We finished up our discussion of The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis last Sunday at the book club. Summer, a friend of mine who is in the group, said she felt this book should be required reading. She loved it as much as I did and that was great to hear.

I know this isn't the
Book Club blog but I wanted to post some of the great stuff from this book. I hope they will entice you enough that you go out and get the book yourself.

'Free, as a man is free to drink while he is drinking. He is not free still to be dry'...
Thirst was made for water; inquiry for truth.

With an appalling certainly I knew that the waterfall itself was speaking and I saw now (though it did not cease to look like a waterfall) that it was also a bright angel who stood, like one crucified, against the rocks and poured himself perpetually down towards the forest with loud joy.

You cannot fully understand the relations of choice and Time till you are beyond both.

Those that hate goodness are sometimes nearer then those that know nothing at all about it and think they have it already

No natural feelings are high and low, holy or unholy, in themselves. They are all holy when God's hand is on the rein. They all go bad when they set up on their own and make themselves into false gods.

Lust is a poor, weak, whimpering, whispering thing compared with that richness and energy of desire which will arise when lust has been killed.

This book is about people in Hell getting to take a bus ride to Heaven. It's fiction it's not meant to be prophetic but it is meant to show that God sends no man to hell, men chose it and would chose it again, even if given the opportunity to leave Hell and go to Heaven. More then that though I think this book shows us that self, more then anything else is what will keep us from Heaven, blind us to Heaven and trap us for eternity.

I could go on and on. This book changed my life.

Chazown is our book for October. I have started reading it and it's good so far. I hope I love it, I will let you know.


Anonymous said…
Sorry to post off subject. I'm coming to BR today (Wed.) My grandma died yesterday (Mama Toon). I'll be on the road today so call me. We'll be there through Sunday. I'll talk to ya soon.

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