Who He calls...

..He equips.

There are always nuggets that you stand on when big things are being required of you. Gold nuggets that God gives you to tell yourself when you doubt or fear or listen to "reality". For me, that was one of those nuggets. George told me that a few weeks back.It is scripture but I'll be darned if I can find it. So somebody comment and tell me where it is.
The other is a sermon we heard at our church the weekend after we got the news about Bradshaw. Robert Berringer, a pastor from Peru was a guest speaker. He has Orphanages and told amazing stories of how God made a way when there was no way. I knew he was good because I had heard him before but I just didn't expect what he said to be so much what we would stand on through this adoption process. He spoke about the parable of the talents, the servants that were given different amounts of gold and what they did with them.( Matthew 25) He told about how all the faithful servants were rewarded with more work! They all started with varying amounts of talents but the ones who used theirs increased there talents but the one who buried his was called wicked and cast into hell. For Dean and I it was such a word from God. You do nothing, you die, you do what God calls you to do, you get more work but wow, what a great life lived to the fullest! Who's afraid of more work? We knew it was impossible to consider adopting Bradshaw but we know, who he calls he equips and we are seeing His equipment everyday!


Cajun Tiger said…
Heb 13:21
Robin said…
Keep trucking dean and Carol.

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