Taladaga Nights is..

..a shameless waste of Will Farrell, Nascar, the two hours it takes to watch it and the 7.50 it cost to get in! UNLESS You are a gay- french men, or if you like movies that make americans look like a bunch of idiots.


Robin said…
CT, I am so glad yuo have saved us all some time and money. i was tempted to see it, but now I am informed. We saw the 'Lady in the Water' by our man M. Night Shamalamaramadon - it was really good. All the elements of a good story with no trash. Talked to ya'll later. GW
Ron said…
Who watches NASCAR anyway??;)
Anonymous said…
Alot of people are saying what you said. We were going to see it, but now I'm not. Thank you for your review.
Carole Turner said…
Lady in the Water is what we should have seen! We will though cuz' you know I love M. Night's movies!

Dean watches Nascar, and yes it's the Redneck-est sport outside of Cock fighting, but they that could have been some funny stuff but it just wasn't that funny. Yes, there were some funny parts, but I was very disapointed over all. My hopes were high since I love WIll Farrell.
Unknown said…
I like Will Farrell too. Unfortunately, like with most Hollywood actors, once the establishment gets a hold of their careers, they become only a shell of theirselves. Another example of that: Jim Carey.

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