Takin the family to San Diego

Yea, We have decided we are gonna take Steele and E with us to get baby Bradshaw.
The main reason we decided to take them is E's diabetes. She will be on a new Constant Glucose Monitor/Insulin Pump. It is an amazing thing because it will check her blood sugar and give her insulin all from the same device. She will still have to do some finger sticks but it really is a revolutionary new thing that will change and better her diabetes control. But, with it being new to her, it's just better that we don't leave her with friends. Second, I just don't feel ok with leaving them for an entire week. I know, people do it but I just think it would be even harder when we got back for Steele. SO, We will have to get tickets for $660.00 but thanks to MJ it's not $1300.00.

Oh, and I wanted to tell everyone how great E's school, Hosanna has been. We called them after all the scholarship were given out because we needed one to afford E's school. They gave us 25% off tuition. So we are so grateful to them. E would be devastated if she couldn't play basketball for the Blazers!


Gered Lambert said…
We lived in San Diego for 2 years (El Cajon) when I was in the Navy. What part are ya'll going to?
Anonymous said…
that will be a blast! Nothin like a family road trip! Hey when does my girl leave to go back home??
danohlerking said…
happy birthday LATE. sorry to miss friday's extravaganza......

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