Stabs of Sadness

An E-mail from my friend Hope in California-
Courtney went into labor on Tuesday, had to have a C-section on Wednesday. Damien Alexander, 6 lb. 13 oz 19 in. He is still in the hospital because he isn’t eating well, but they expect him to be O.K. Connie is going to visit her—I told her to tell Laura if Courtney has second thoughts (after the reality sets in) to let us know.



agardana said…
Carole, I can't imagine your fellings of sadness but one thing I know, there is a little boy named Damien that now has special prayers from a mother's heart covering him that he would not have had before. He may not be living her in Baton Rouge, but you have been called to intercede on his behalf. God never does anything by accident and He allows s to learn so much through our pain and heartbreak but He also ordains moments that change us forever and little Damien was brought into your heart for his future to be coverd in prayer. For his life, the Turners are still giving him a better opportunity than he had a few months ago.
Carole Turner said…
Thanks for the encouraging words, I really do appreciate them. And thanks for suppling us with our weekend daughter-Nicole :-) Speaking of which, it's been awhile..

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