Puppy Cup

I am a religious coffee drinker and very much a coffee snob. I recently went to Whole foods where they have the coffee beans in these covered bins, you scoop out your own, ground it, bag it and pay way to much for it. But man is it good. You know why it's so good? Because they actually have the unroasted beans that they roast themselves! The lady showed me the green, fresh off the tree looking, coffee beans. She then went on to tell me all about the process and I must say, I was riveted!

Jamaican Blue Mountain sales retail for 25.00 a bag! Yes, I said 25.00 a bag! It is truly coffee gold. Well right after Katrina Whole Foods had gotten in a bunch, roasted it and just knew the coffee snobs would hit and buy it all up but no, not here, they actually wound up having to brew it up for Katrina victims at the Fema park and give it to them!! Yes, GIVE it to them. The evacuees drank coffee gold for weeks!! I think that is kinda like what Jesus did at the wedding in John 2. When He turned water into wine. In this case the rich folk that shop whole foods didn't even realize the jewel they were passing up in fresh ground Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee but God did and he blessed the poor,FEMA evacuees with it.

Yes, I could be reaching and over spiritualizing here but so what.

As I sat enjoying my Starbuck, Espresso Roast (brewed in my automatic drip) this morning. Steele came in the kitchen and said "mommy coggee! Puppy Cup!" He has a plastic cup that looks like a puppy face and he loves to have his coffee in the puppy cup. Like I have said before, I drink mine black with Splenda and so does Steele! We sat and enjoyed our coffee and each others company. Coffee makes good memories. Yes, I know I sound like a coffee commercial, I should get paid for this post!


Robin said…
CT, we have your new address noted. Did you have any trouble letting go of the old address? GW
Robin said…
Carole, my folks were leaving to go home when I stated reading, so now that I have read it, that is cool about the coffee. Are you aware of the coffee that is harvested without using child labor (which is basically slave labor) and pays the land owners a fair price even though they are not as large as the mega coffee plantations? I cannot find the magazine ad for it, but when I do, I let you know. Now, about this splenda thing, Splenda is of the Devil. Do you know how it is made? 3 chloride molecules are hooked up and are supposed not break apart, however they do come to find out. There was a great article in Discover mag. comparing sweeteners present and past. Just put good ole' sugar in the drinks - sugar comes from a green living plant, splenda comes from a plant, but it is a chemical plant. Anyway, I know you wanted my opinion. Dean and Robin talked about us getting together, let's do it. Tell yours hello. P.S. did you read Midnight's RPG in Iraq story?

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