My New Car!!

No, just kidding but isn't it great?! I would definitely drive that fantastic vehicle.

BUT we are down to one car again and it is not a bad thing, it is a very good GOD THING. Let me explain.
You all know we got in a wreck a month ago. Well, first estimates were low on the cost of repair. Our car was still drivable, heck we drove it for two weeks after the wreck. But today Allstate called and said the cost for repair was more then 80% of the value so they consider that a total loss. They are going to pay off the loan and mail us $1,095.00 because they're report has it valued higher then the pay off.

THIS IS A GIFT FROM GOD!! How you ask, well our car note is $325.00 a month, so we won't have that any more. Our van needs lots of work so the $1,000.00 will fix that and we will have a loan paid off at our credit union so that makes the credit report better. Sure, we will have only one car for a while but $325.00 less debt a month is SO worth it right now. We struggle every month to make ends meet so we are more then happy to be out from under that note. We will try to get another car at tax time. Honestly, I just think it is amazing how God makes a way when there seems to be no way. Last night I was stressing over our finances. I was praying asking God for help and then BAM! They call and total our car. He ALWAYS come through and it's usually in a way you would never suspect.


Robin said…
Carole, can I tell you me and robin can relate!!! we had to go to Texas so a Pastor's wife could back into Robin's Sentra and total it while we were getting lunch inside a subway Sandwich shop. Hence, our new/used Sienna Van which we are so thankful for. Take advantage of this reprieve and save as much as you can. Remember, you are the head not the tail!!!

Speaking of tails, our dog Kenny finally speaks! Check out the blog for a good laugh. George.

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