Katrina Levee Breaks- one year later

This time last year the world was waking up to really bad news. The day before, when Katrina came and went, It was bad, the Mississippi gulf coast was destroyed but you still had Fox News reporters talking about how New Orleans, this historic city, under sea level, had dodged a big bullet. By this day last year though, the reporters were getting to higher ground or standing in 3 feet of water on Canal Street. Levees were breaking and the real horror was just beginning.

But what an amazing thing happened to Christianity in America!

Here we were, in the south, where racism is still rampant, living through one of the greatest American tragedies in our lifetime and having to cross racial lines to survive it. The church actually did become the hands and feet of Jesus. No matter what you see or read in the media, know this from someone who was here, all colors were treated equally by the people trying to rescue the dieing and the stranded. We were all just children of God in the weeks following Katrina. And the church of America shined like NEVER before.

There are some great stories at Katrina One Year Later

I think Katrina changed so many for the better.

It made the preachers into doers, the complainers into grateful hearts, the stale into the vibrant and alive. It did all this because we as Christian's were finally living out Matthew 25. In a very real, very public way. The witness for Christ that Katrina was is just amazing to me. It showed the world that American Christian's will step up and take care of the hurting. It showed Christian's what it really means to "Love the Lord your God... and love your neighbor as yourself" Matthew 22:37&38.

We will never be the same, we will be better-thanks to Katrina.


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