Yes, that is the title of Perry Noble's most recent post. If you read nothing else today, please go read it. I was saying a very loud AMEN to this one.
Here are just some nuggets from the article to entice you with.

...You are modeling for you sons how to treat women and for your daughters how they should allow men to treat them. So a family trip down to Hooters shows them nothing more than women being treated as objects of lust and remember when they go down that road in the future you discipled them...

...there have been some Sundays that, if I had put a steel pole in the middle of our stage here at church, many women would have probably felt right at home.

Click on the "Link" to read the full article.


Ron said…
Hooters? Where is that?
Anonymous said…
I wonder what it means when I've went with a girlfriend (just the 2 of us) to eat their hotwings?? I really do go for the food on occasion..LOL
Cajun Tiger said…
He nailed it!!! Job 31:1 is one of my core verses.
danohlerking said…
one of the best posts from one of the best bloggers out there. well put, perry.

thanks for relaying this to your readers, carole.

(and good job on the html)

Robin said…
Talk about pimped out! Is that even legal? Do you have to pay to have that on your site or should they pay you to put it on there? Robin just got off of your site about an hour ago.
Anonymous said…
AWESOME, Carole!
Thanks for posting that link... forwarding this article to everyone I know!

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