Evangeline Has Prutussis!!

That explains the coughing (BAD) since April AND the crazy blood sugars!! She just finished a round of anti-biotics and I am so not kidding when I tell you her numbers were better by the second day on them!!

If you are in Baton Rouge, been around us and our family since April and have a really bad cough that your doctors keep saying is allergy, go get the blood test to see if it's Prutussis. It's a productive cough that sounds croopy.

Steele was vaccinated for it so he doesn't have it but I definitely think I have it. The bad thing is even the vaccine wears off in ten years so my friends kids that also have it, had been immunization but got it anyway because their vaccine had worn off.

I never told my Anti-immunization friends this but I immunized Steele when he was a baby. He isn't up to date but he is close. It was weird because I just knew I had to immunize him. We got him in May and in September we had our post placement Home Study. Well the Social worker asked if his immunizations were up to date and they were so I could honestly say yes. I asked what if they weren't and she said, especially in Florida, they may find reason to hold up the finalization of the Adoption due to that. See, that was God, I had never felt so compelled to immunize with Evangeline but I knew I had to with him and it turns out that was the correct thing to do.


Anonymous said…
Being one the anti-immunization friends, I have to comment. God holds you responsible for your children. It doesn't matter what I think. I believe that you made the choices you needed to make to get Steele, and I'm sure I would have done the same. Well, maybe not, but, you know what I mean. You and Dean are great parents. Your children are blessed to have been entrusted to the both of you. I am surprised about the Pertussis (whooping cough). I didn't realize that it was productive and lasted that long. Go figure. Tell E I hope she gets better soon now that she knows what it is.
Carole Turner said…
That's what's weird. It is productive, you cough up stuff. E would almost throw up when it was a bad one. At kids camp they all talked about her bad cough.

It doesn't last that long according to the books but every child I know that has it now, they're parent says it has been 4 -6 months of it.the books also say that the antibiotics don't work once the cough starts but again, once she got on them, her cough got way better and her blood sugars were immediately better.

I had been beside myself for months trying to figure out what was up with her blood sugars and I was just praying and praying "God show me what to do, give me wisdom, etc" and when Summer called and told mer her kinds tested positive and what the symptoms were, I knew right away that was what E had.

My Ped seemed suprised that E's blood work came back positive. Summers Ped. said they are seeing an out break here in BR.

Crazy Crazy
Carole Turner said…
Oh yea, You don't remember my bad cough when we were in Jacksonville? Mine isn't as bad now but I had a good 3 months of almost throwing up-coughing fits myself.

Steele had that bad cough from like 2 months old but he got his shot for sometimes after he was a year old and the cough stopped. Again, that's not supposed to be how it goes according to the books but that is what happened with him.
Anonymous said…
Just wondering, Carole. Since we have to provide immunization records to get into diabetes camp, how did E get to go? Hope my kids and the other kids at camp don't get it. With two diabetics and a husband with a weak heart, the last thing we need is more illness. Thanks for the heads up.
Carole Turner said…
I got E immunized in June. They have to go by a different plan when the child is older and getting immunized for the first time so she didn't get the prutussis as part of that first round.

Shannon, you should get them their booster if it's time. Maybe call your Ped and tell her they have been exposed. You have to catch it before the cough starts in order to stop it but like I said, E got on the Antibiotics and her numbers were immediately better.

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