Crisis Calls for Radical Increase in International Adoption of African Orphans..

Please click on the link to read the article.

I have long since talked about getting a baby from Africa. My friend Donna, who sent me this article, turned me on to Liberian adoption. Liberia is less expensive and easier then other African countries. NO we have not made a decision about adopting from there but I do feel strongly that we will adopt from Africa one day. This article really solidified that desire. Sure, God will have His way but we are ready if Africa calls.

Dean said he had a dream the other night that we went to Africa as missionaries and he did a sports ministry.


Robin said…
The bible does say something about " the old men will dream dreams and the young men will see visions" - go Dean. We saw the Earles at the CLA vs. HCA volletball game tonight - we won, finally. George.
Anonymous said…
Check out
danohlerking said…
the steel wardrobe family as missionaries in africa... why not?

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