Candice has gone home..

..and I miss her already. She says she is coming back next summer (and maybe for a "Cajun" dinner in December :-) but I always go through "Candice" withdrawl when she leaves.

Cajun Tiger took this pic of Candice, Me and Dean at church. I have waited to post it because I was told by Mr. Tiger that he was gonna put it on his blog but I guess he's busy flying back to Iraq, getting stuck in Kawait, stuff like that. We got to meet Mr. Tiger while he was here for a short visit last month. He's a class act that's for sure.

Gosh I am looking old! I guess that's because I will be 39 Thursday!


Cajun Tiger said…
Sorry for the delay in posting the pic on my site. I've been waiting for some pics of people I work with that I met for the first time as well for a "faces with names" post. If I don't get them by the weekend I'll just do it for the LA peeps I met =)

Thanks for the very kind words...ya'll are definitely class acts as well!!!
Smile-N-Cajun said…
yes, my brother is the best

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