Book Club start date right around the corner

I'm getting excited! Right now there is just three members but I'm hoping for more after the Life Group Fair-not sure when that will be or if it will be before the 10th (the day of our first meeting) but no matter, I think more will come after the fair.

Remember we are meeting @ 3:00pm on the 10th due to the vision night @ HPC being @ 6:00pm but our reqular meeting time will be 6pm every other Sunday at the Annex Coffee Shop.

Please E-mail me @ if you are interested in joining or you can be an online member @

Here are links to so you can read about these books and purchase if you like.

I recommend E-bay. They are usually much cheaper and if you would like me to purchase one using my very tuned E-bay shopper skills, I would be glad too.

See you on the 10th!


The Great Divorce




Rich Christian's in an Age of Hunger


Phil Hoover said…
I'll join you online for the September and November books, since I already have them.

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