The Book club life group is starting...

Sunday, September 10th,
HPC Annex Coffe Shop Area

We will be reading:

"The Great Divorce"- by CS Lewis

"Chazown"- by Craig Groeschel

"Rich Christian's in a Hungry World"- by Ron Sider

Please let me know if you are interested in being apart of this GROUND BREAKING life group :-)

I will have to set you up as a member on the book club blog so you can post.We can interact and discuss even when not at the meetings or if you are just an online member.

I have ideas for some great outreaches like reading to children @ the FEMA park or book drives for the libraries. The possibilities are endless.

I think this book club could really be a great tool to reach people and building each other up, so please consider jumping in.

And YES, there will be coffee and snacks at every meeting but NO there is no child care.

Let me know..Thanks, Carole


DeanAaron said…
This will be the best book club ever.

She the best
Robin said…
Run with it Carole! GW
Anonymous said…
I wanted to tell Dean happy birthday on his blog but I don't know how to send him a blog without it being a comment on something he wrote. so, Dean-0 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love, Your favorite Mother-in-Law

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