Birth mom has decided to keep the baby.

.. I just can't post a lot about it right now. We are devastated. Please pray for us all and for Bradshaw and his mother.


Anonymous said…
I'm sorry, Sue. I love yall.
Anonymous said…
we are praying for yall

blake and ammye crawford
Anonymous said…
Just want you guys to know that we are here for you IN ANY CAPACITY that you may need us... Praying for you.
Big {{{HUGS}}} & much love,
Summer Kelly & family
Robin said…
Hey ya'll, Wow. Kind of freaked out myself, but with free will things like this happen. I am glad the baby's mother wants to keep the baby, but you all had so much heart invested in this baby, too.
Keep your chin(s) up. God's ways are higher than our ways. All we can do is trust in him. And it is definitely okay to cry your eyes dry. My biopsy results are in and I posted them. Whenever ya'll get a chance, check it out, no rush. We love ya'll, George, Robin,, Lauren and Bryan Waites. ><((*>

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