Bad Day

It started yesterday really. E went to the movies, ate without checking her blood sugar or giving insulin. She got home, meter read "Hi" which means over 600, we gave insulin and headed to church. Well, church was great-nice sunny spot in the storm- then she lost her black bag! (The black bag is what holds her blood sugar checking stuff) Well, then we went to Pat and Lorri's, she swam and was feeling great. But Steele was being a true mess!He goes to bed @ 7 or 8pm at the latest and when he is past tired he is just not manageable. So, I convinced Dean we had to go home.

E sleeps with me on the weekends and before she went to sleep we checked her blood sugar. Of course it was 500! We gave insulin and I set my alarm for two hours so I could check her blood sugar, make sure she had come down and get her to go pee to check for Keytones. Well, before two hours she was throwing up! Bad sign for a diabetic but real bad if they are running high. Well, we changed her pump sight and saw that it was bent so I felt sure that is why she was high, she just wasn't getting her insulin. Fixed site, gave inulin, made her drink lots of water, set clock for two hours. Alarm went off, checked again, still 450! Long story-short, I changed her sight 4 times! Gave appropriate amount of insulin each time with her insulin pen (because I wasn't sure her site was working), checked keytones, etc. She felt terrible. We did this every two hours and she still only came down to 254 by 8am.

I called the pump maker, they talked me through some alarms and stuff the pump was giving and we think we know what the problem is. See, she inserts her site with a Quick Serter, it is a way of getting the needle into the skin quick and as painless as possible but both quick serters disappeared a week ago. I ordered more and will get them tomorrow. So we are manually inserting her site and that is not always good , the canalone (the tube that stays in her skin and delivers the insulin) can get bent and so the body is not getting insulin. So that is why we have been using her insulin pen also. Her keytones are gone but her blood sugar is still high.

At one point Dean had gone to get test strips (what we use in her meter to test her blood sugar) and sugar free Power Aide, I was doing E's site change, Steele was twirling around dancing and WAP! Hit is head on E's book case!! I was like "I CAN'T DO THIS TODAY!! I CAN'T DO THIS TODAY!! I screamed it twice to that Angel sitting there holding my shoulders saying "it's ok, it's ok". Well, Steele was fine, just a nice bruise above his eyebrow. And E is feeling fine now too.

It's just really hard sometimes. I laid hands on her and prayed for her today and so did Dean. See, what we get reminded of sometime is if her blood sugar is high for too long she could die. Now, since we got the keytones down, she is not in as serious of danger but the combination is deadly after only a couple days. All day I have been like "ok God, should I take her to the emergency room? Is doing the pen enough? How long do I wait?" This is our life, more days then I talk about. She has been to the ER 4 times this last year getting fluids. Sometimes it just gets to me. Days like today I just cry out to God for help. I also realize how important it is that we take good care of her. It's very hard sometimes.


Anonymous said…
Hugs Carole! It's me, Shannon.
We somehow left both bags of pump supplies on a check-out table at camp. That meant BOTH Quick Serters were 4 hours away! Tried doing Jake's site change without it, and the same thing happened (Tummy ache and high blood sugars), only to find the cannula was bent.
I called camp and spoke with Lori, who told me of a local, wonderful pharmacy that carried a few pump supplies and that they would hold one for me. It is The Diabetic Pharmacy on Jefferson Highway. The pharmacist/owner was actually working at camp, as a volunteer! She does not have a diabetic child, just wanted to volunteer her time and help out! She will be getting all of our business from now on.
I'm glad E is better. God gave her great, caring parents.
Anonymous said…
Hey Baby, It's me Mom. I'm hugging you right now.
Carole Turner said…
Thanks Shannon, I didn't even know that Pharmacy exsisted! I will definatley be going there.
I'm sure, you being the mother of two diabetic children, have been through days like this more times then you care to remember.It feels good to vent!
Robin said…
We love you Carole,Dean, E and Steele. Sorry ya'll are going through this kind of stuff, but we learn alot along the way. I just found out the chemo I started last week is not the only med I will be taking - there was some kind of mix up. We all have to be diligent when it comes to so many things, physically and spiritually, that it is inevitable that mistakes and miscommunications will happen. Ya'll hang onto Jesus. GW.

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