Adoption Update

Home study was Friday, went well.

Lawyers are now on the move to contacting Birth-mom and getting paper work going.

We got another $100.00 this Sunday from New friends.

Getting ready to cut back my work hours from 24 to 12! I just feel strongly that I have to have some good mommy time with the boys @ home and for E after school. My boss is trying to work it out so I can take some work home, so please be praying for that so I wont be taking much of a pay decrease. She really is the best boss.

We are getting SO excited about Bradshaw! Steele says "Big Brother", friends are planning a baby shower and God is just amazing me with his provisions.

A friend gave Dean a little Steelers teddy bear a while back,( before we knew about Bradshaw) E brought it out last night and said "Look, this Steelers bear has 'Bradshaw' on it"! Sure enough, on the back was embroidered "Bradshaw"! To me that was a special hug from God. I had had a very negative conversation earlier in the day with someone I love dearly who just said right out "I don't think you should be adoptiong this baby." I knew they were wrong but when they proceed to give you all the "reasons" it's very painful. So to me, E showing us that bear was Gods way of telling me we are doing the right thing. Yes, I have had confirmation after confirmation that God is in this and He has and will bless us for "taking care of the Orphans" but I just love that he takes the time to give us that extra love we need when we have been hurt-He's a good God.


Anonymous said…
My heart went out to you when I read this post today and I just wanted to send you warm {{{hugs}}} and tell you not to take your friend's words too hard. I really hope that he or she was only thinking of YOU and did not realize how hurtful their advice was.
Personally, I feel that once God has laid it upon your heart to do something like this -- and the adoption process is already underway -- it is NO DIFFERENT than being pregnant with a biological child.
After all, even if "visible circumstances" led us to believe that this was not a good decision/good timing, who in their right mind would walk up to a pregnant woman and say, "I don't think you should have this baby."??? Of course they wouldn't!
Even if you were 50 years old, on the verge of bankruptcy with 8 hungry mouths to feed.
No. It wouldn't be said. At least, not by a friend.
People on the "outside" often don't see adoption in the same light as biological childbirth, but they should; after all, they are both GIFTS from God and there are NO obstacles too great for God to overcome.
For our part, the Kelly family CAN'T WAIT to meet baby Bradshaw!!!

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