39 and holding!!

Everybody get ready, next year I'm having a skate party for my 40th!!


Chris Jarrell said…
Can my wife and I come for the skate party. :-)

Chris J.
Cajun Tiger said…
Happy Birthday!!!
Chris Jarrell said…
Oh by the way...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :-) Have an amazing day.

Chris J.
Anonymous said…
You are too funny girl. I also turned 39 on the 31st of July and I've been saying the same thing...39 and holding! I'll be 39 from here on out. And yes, I want to come skate with you too since we'll both be 40..LOL
DeanAaron said…
you are the best looking 39 and holding women i have ever seen happy bithday baby

love you always
agardana said…
Happy Birthday Carole Sue. From your other child's family.

Tony, Stacie, Tanner and NICOLE.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Carole Sue! I posted before midnight! Looking forward to breaking a hip next year! I love you!
Unknown said…
We wanna go!! Will there be booze?

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