What I'm listening too

Right now I am listening to Switchfoot "New Way to be Human" CD. It's old and has the song from the movie "A Walk to Remember" on it. That is such a great movie. I love Shane West, he looks like my nephew Timmy.

I have also been obsessed with the Reuben Morgan CD "World Through Your Eyes". He is a worship leader from Hillsong, Australia. It's on repeat shuffle at work!

It's amazing what music does to your soul. I'm so glad God gave it to us. It brings joy, swells emotions, leads us in worship, inspires, speaks to our heart and gives this movie we call life a melody. Music testifies to His wonder by just it's very existence.


danohlerking said…
here's something else to cheer you up:

a post from dan kimball about us all needing gandalf's.
Kevin Beck said…
Thank God for good music! Enjoy.

Robin said…
CT, I can relate to the music thing, on the way to Houston we listened to Mylon Lefever 'trains up in the sky' CD. Talk about a great CD.That is an oldie but goodie.
Relate also to the losing control - I guess I could blame it on chemo, etc. but I don't like to pass the buck cause it stops at my desk.
And Carole, you know I love you, but it is 'than' not 'then'. You need to get the usage straight.
We are on our way to the Dog show today. Talk at you later.

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