Thank God for Seat belts and Lortab!!

Yes, me, E and Steele were in a wreck yesterday. We are all ok. The car is drivable but very messed up. A 16 year old kid hit us in the back and then made us slam into the guy in front of us and he bumped the lady in front of him! I am not sore today but E's neck still is a little. But last night not soon after the wreck, my ear started hurting and I had lots of pressure. Have you ever flown and afterwards your ear wouldn't pop for days? Well that is what the pressure was like. I have had this before, with my sinus problems, ear aches and pressure are more common. I knew this wasn't from the wreck but felt pretty sure it was from standing out side the car, talking to all involved, in the rain, mist and Louisiana humidity. Fluid had built behind my ear drum and now it was killing me! Well I laid on a hot pad for a while but that didn't really help so when it came time for bed I knew I had to pull out the big gun- Lortab! I have some left over from my surgery. Our home study is today so I knew I had to get a good nights sleep. The lortab did the trick. I woke up a few times during the night with the pain but by morning my ear had drained and now I feel much better.

Man, What a crazy life this is! The saying "it's always something!" is so true with us but praise God, it's always something He can use.

Evangeline said when we got hit I screamed "OH Jesus!" That's right, sometimes you just gotta call him up!


Anonymous said…
Hello! I still think you need to get checked out by a doctor. Rear enders can cause injuries that are not apparent right away. Yes, this is your paranoid mother, but I would feel so much better if you guys had at least gone for X-rays.
It is just because I love y,all so much that I worry. Love, MOM
Anonymous said…
Glad yall were not seriously hurt. But if pain persist, then go get checked out. Were yall in the car or the new van?? I hope not the new van.
danohlerking said…
was that last line a little subtle reference to some 1986 barnes and brown at tioga?

i'm so incredibly glad y'all are all okay. barnes and brown or whatever - i'm glad you knew who to call. nice reflexes.
Carole Turner said…
Yes, it was. I actually was singing that song in my head while typing!
The Mother Load said…
Gosh! Thank GOD! Ya'll are okay! Take it from me, mom is right on this one. Go get checked out anyway. My injuries didn't really hit til a few days later. A mother's adrenaline can cover a lot of pain.

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