Rejoice in all things..

..There is no place that I can point to right now where this is more obvious, then with my friend George.

He is going through Chemo for Pancreatic cancer. While on a long drive he finds delight in the supernatural placement of a clean bathroom off an exit, and praises God for it. He thanks god when the intense cramping he has daily ends. He wonders at the Eagles that live on his property and expresses concern for them when a neighbor is taking down trees and the eagles seem upset by it. George bask in the beauty of Gods creations all the way down to the smallest struggling plant in his yard.

If you think your life is hard, if you find yourself complaining about your boss, your car, your husband, take a minute to read Georges blog. You will find someone seeing the good, the wonder and the creator in the midst of sever pain, suffering and real hardship.

I tear up every time I read about his ordeal But by the end of each post, when I find myself reading about his now thriving fig tree and how much his plants loved the rain we just got,you see again that God is everywhere, in the middle of the pain, in the middle of the wonder of living things, you can't help but see Him everywhere.

I feel such joy that I know George and that he is pointing all who read to the only comforter, Jesus.


Robin said…

Thanks for all of your kind words about George, but especially thank you to the fact that you see and proclaim that it is God in him. Everyday we experience the grace of God like never before and see His mighty hand at work. I pray that those who visit your blog would stop by and read George's for no other reason than to be encouraged that whatever they are going through God is big enough. We all MUST keep our eyes fixed on Him. I know because I have experienced this first hand. When I look beyond today into all of the what ifs about tomorrow and beyond I become overwhelmed and my peace is stolen from me. God made it clear to me in the beginning of this journey that He was only in today. Once I allow myself to go beyond today I am out of his protection in my mind and in my peace. I know we have all heard not to worry about tomorrow because today has enough cares of its own but until the rubber meets the road and you hang on desperately to the grace of God, you don't want to go beyond the second you are in because He is all up in there with you. Our Father has given us many promises and we stand firmly on them. But our hearts desire is to see Him lifted up. Again know that we love and pray for you and are believing God with you to make your path straight in this adoption process.

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Robin Waites
nosthegametoo said…
Peace and God's love to you and your friend.

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