Ok, I need to clarify on the HPC tax thing. HPC will give a receipt to you for tax purposes if you write a letter and put it in the envelope with the check but you can't write our name on the check. It's not an HPC policy it's a tax/ IRS thing and we all know not to mess with the IRS :-)

Sorry I posted the previous information too quickly.I was just trying to head people off before they sent a check . I jumped the gun and did not have all the information.

I love that HPC has a "His Hearts for Orphans", I am always amazed that our church even has this ministry, it's amazing and wonderful and I will forever be grateful to both.


Robin said…
Carole, sorry to hear about the wreck, that is scary! Did they have insurance? Hope so. When you domino a bunch of cars that can get expensive. What was the 16 yr old doing? Cell phone? Music to loud? Give us a call 262 4008

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