Break it down...

Some say I put to much out there for public consumption but this blog is my way of staying accountable. I have decided I would like to share every step of this adoption process.

Steele was such a miracle. We had lots of debt and not much income but through the blessing of Steele God showed us how to be better stewards of what He has given us. He also showed us that money isn't an obstacle to big for Him.

So I'd like to start by giving props to the ones who helped us when we adopted Steele and also to be accountable to the people who did help us and will help us in the future so I'm gonna break down the money trail.

The total cost for Steele's adoption was 8,500.00. We received 1,000.00 each from our friends the Rogers and the Clams (Clams is not their real name but they don't want me to say it), 150.00 from the spectacular Waites family and 200.00 from the Falcon family (Falcon isn't their name either) for the trip down to get Steele and 1000.00 was lent to us. (I know there were others that I can't remember, I'm very sorry if I left you out but God knows and that is where the real rewards are) Anyway we also got an interest free loan from the Abba fund for the remaining 5,550.00, (thanks to The His Hearts for orphans Ministry at HPC, headed by Tommy and Amy Pouche who themselves have 6 adopted children, 1 biological and another biological on the way!). We are still paying that loan off until June 2007.

Again, we thank everyone that prayed for us, gave or lent us money, and all the other wonderful things that were done for us so we could get Steele. Since that time we have become much better stewards of our finances, getting old debt cleared up, buying our home and trying very hard not to feed my shopping addiction :-0 We really see the hand of God in getting Steele. It changed us for the better in more ways then you could imagine.

We know God has His hand on this adoption as well. We look forward to sharing all the miracles that take place this time too. I am currently in the process of filling out a grant request from His Hearts for Orphans. So please pray that goes through. We are having a garage sale tomorrow and we got a really low quote from the Lawyer (2,000-3,000 for legal fees is what they said) so that is a blessing.

That's it for now...


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