Adoption Update

..Ok, the baby is a boy! He is healthy and the birth
mom is 32 weeks pregnant, so she is due around the
first of September.

We pictured a girl but like I've said before, God is
full of wonderful surprises. Dean already has the name
picked; Bradshaw, after Terry Bradshaw of course and I
picked Graham for the middle name after Billy Graham.
We will call him Bradshaw or Maybe Shaw, how cool is that?
Shaw and Steele?

The more I think about it, it is better that it's a
boy so that Steele will have a brother close in age to
fight with, I mean play with :-) As I type I am
picturing that video of the brothers doing the mothers
day video card, if you haven't seen it, let me know
and I will forward it too you, it's very funny.

Anyway, I am supposed to get an address today so the
lawyer in California can go see the birth mom and get
some "intent" papers signed. The girl has talked to
the birth father and he has said has no interest in
keeping the baby.

The birth mom visited my blogs and even after that, by
all accounts, she is still 100% for the adoption ;-)

So, we have two months to get everything done just
like last time! And just like last time there is no
money now. I don't know who said it but I love the
saying "God is never late but He's never early either,
He is on time!" I was praying this morning and was
like, "ok God, help me here. I know you said 'true
religion is to take care of the orphan's and the
widows', help us walk this path Lord, guide us and lay
us on people's hearts :-)"

My friend Hope, who called us about this baby, really
encouraged me today to not feel bad about asking for
help. It's hard and very humbling to not have money
for such good surprises but it also puts us in a place
where people get to be a part of assisting an orphan
and we get to die to self and trust that He will make
a way when there is no way. So,

Right now this is what we need:

A local social worker, affiliated with and agency, to
update our home study from two years ago and not
charge too much.

Stuff for a garage sale we are going to do.

Prayer that our Credit Union will approve our home
refinancing request so that we can have the money to
enclose our back porch for much needed space.

And after the Lawyer meets with the birth mom we will
have a better idea of how much this will cost. So far,
I have been quoted 2,000 to 3,000 for legal fees and
we don't expect we will have to pay anything to the
birth mom for her prenatal care because it is covered
by the state.

As you all know, last time God gave us Mark 10:27,
"with man this is impossible but not with God; all
things are possible with God." We are again standing
on the scripture.

God Bless you all!

More update as they happen...



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