Adoption Fundraiser Garage sale

Well like every garage sale I have ever had in my life, many days of work ended in making a whopping 100.00 bucks! Poor Anne, she worked so hard, we all did but her especially. Signs, add in the paper, good stuff and a great location, but not many customers.

This may sound crazy to some but I find that when I give it away to like saint Vincent DePaul or Salvation Army, God returns way bigger then if I try to sell it. That lesson was reinforced Saturday.

We had fun though hanging out, seeing sweet Jen Mire again (she used to work at the counseling center part time) and Anne met a sweet old lady that is a transplant here needing friends. She gave us 20.00 towards the adoption and Anne got to serve her with kindness and friendship.

(The picture above is of Candice, the huge sign we made, Steele, all our stuff and Anne in the back ground.)

Nacho Libre

Friday night after we did all the prep work for Saturday we went and watched Nacho Libre. Can I tell you I got so tickled at one point my side hurt and I was laughing tears! Candice and I laughed and laughed, Dean didn't as much but he liked it. I tell you, that is the stupidest movie! I really loved it! The message is great too. He wrestled for the Orphans!! I just couldn't get over how timely the viewing of that movie was for us! If you haven't seen it- go, take your kids but don't get mad at me if you don't like it, I have very odd taste.


Anonymous said…
omg!! my face looks deformed in that picture!!!!
Cajun Tiger said…
I don't know about deformed...but it definitely looks pretty burnt =)
Ron said…
Ain't noth'n wrong with that face!
The Mother Load said…
First time stopping in. You are definitely right about "God returns way bigger" when you give instead of sell, but a little money your way never hurt either. It always feels great to contribute and give when you can. We have a fundraiser planned this weekend to raise money for Pediatric Cancer Research. Whatever the results I know we tried and every little bit helps.

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