Willful Grace

I actually sat for hours, with dishes waiting to be washed and beds to be made, reading page after page of this ladies blog. I think it is the most intriguing and informative blog I have read in a long time. Her deal? Her husband deals with Unwanted same sex attraction. Now I have your attention huh? No, Dean isn't dealing with that and I actually don't know anyone who is but her blog is such a great place to learn how to think, scripturally, about homosexuality. I have never been ok with how I saw the church react to the ever evolving gay community. I think I know how I am to treat gay people but yet I still feel like I don't quite get it. I haven't quite gotten to the place God would have for me in that arena. So, I really do feel God led me to her blog. I may not agree with everything but right now I am just praying for Gods guidance and wisdom in this.
Let me tell you a story; During Operation Rescue back in 1990, the first night, we were having a rally at Hosanna First Assembly. As I was walking up to the church a bus pulled up and started unloading people with bull horns who were chanting obscenities and were just full of anger. These were not women who wanted the right to have abortions these were the groups "Dikes on Bikes" and "Queer Nation". They had come to be the in-your-face counter to Operation Rescue. They prided themselves on being vile and repulsing to us "Christians". At the time, I didn't know who they were. I was alone just walking into the meeting but when I saw them I heard very clearly "go over there into the crowd and start praying to yourself, I will give you the words to say". It was such a strong pull that I literally felt like I had no other choice. I wasn't afraid, it was weird but next thing I knew I was standing in the middle of a crowd of lesbians with bull horns screaming in my face and trying with everything in them to repulse me. I started to talk, very calmly to a couple of them. I let them know that I was not repulsed by them, I could care less what sexually explicit things they wanted to do to me, I just wanted to talk to them just like you would over dinner, have a conversation. Well, I did actually connect with a couple of them before the police came and made them leave. Over the course of the week of Operation Rescue I ran into a couple of them on several occasions. We addressed each other by name and I always felt very friendly thoughts towards them. At one point I was actually able to tell one about Jesus' love for her, His healing for her hurt and anger. I saw how it affected her and to this day, when I think of her I still pray God is working on her. I said all that because that week showed me so clearly how as Christians Operation Rescue was on the right side of justice. That week was about saving babies and drawing attention to the exploitation of women by the abortion industry but so many Christians there were just not treating these protestors as Jesus would. They were not mean to them but they just didn't try to reach them. I remember a ministers wife telling me, "your just wasting your time" after I had talked to the "Dikes on Bikes" ladies. I remember thinking how sad that was. So, maybe God has me researching how He would have me communicate His love to Gay people because I need to be ready in season and out, I don't know but I do think everyone could benefit from reading her journey.



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