What you fear you create

Dr. Phil says "what you fear you create." No, it's not scripture but it's true. I know a lady that was married to a man who wouldn't let her go across the street to visit her mom without calling her. He feared her leaving. He was always trying to make sure she wasn't with another man. Well she eventually left him for another man. What he feared he created.
Have you ever known a person that was always sick? They read everything about every illness and think ever tiny symptom they have is a sign of some grave illness, and sure enough they are right most of the time. Why is that? How do we bring what we fear on ourselves?
I think it's because whatever we walk in is where we live.
If every word spoked to us provokes a negative fatalistic thought then we are walking the negative fatalistic trail that we fear. If the fact that the marriages of lots of your friends have fallen apart due to infidelity makes you fear even talking with a married man,then you are walking in fear-grind your life to a halt, keep you from Gods purpose, fear.
One thing I am sure of is that Jesus came to set us free. He also came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. He has set me free but I have to walk in that freedom and seek the abundant life He has for me. Daily I fight fear and negativity because more then anything I want to fullfill Gods purpose for my life.

Last night was a One Way worship service at HPC. I had never gone before but Evangeline wanted to go so I did. It hit the spot let me tell ya. I was in that funky place of trying to bring every thought under captivity and the devil was just dancin' on my head,telling me lies and just trying to stop what God is doing right now. I just sang and cried out to God and just really felt Him give me that strength to make it another day, To see His purpose, His strength and His truth, and not to listen to the lies of the devil.

Thanks Jesus for that portion.


Robin said…
Well CT, it's just something about a woman holding a cake in the kitchen - it's just so, so, so right. I bet you thought I was going to say sexy, didn't you.
anyway, caught up on your blog posts. Amen and Amen. To the gay thing and the Op. rescue. And a crooked cake is okay buy me, cause I just chew it all the same. I did post today. The Steele man and Dean lookin good. Take care. GW

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