Weekend Recap

Dean's sister Terri came in town Thursday night. Her, her husband, his daughter with her 5 yr old son and Dean's brother Duane's, daughter Savanna who is also 5. We all went to Boutin's Thursday night for some Cajun music and dancing. The kids had a blast. Steele was hilarious! I was so wishing for a video camera because he was Mr. Hip-Hop-can't-stop on the dance floor! He didn't care that it was zydako music, he was gettin' his groove on. The whole restaurant was lovin' watching the kids.

Friday I took the kids to see Cars, E and I really liked it. The little kids didn't seem to into it. But it really has the best sound track, I can't wait to order it. Sheryl Crow, John Mayer, Rascal Flats-excellent!

Dean took Terry, her husband Gary and his daughter Nicky to New Orleans to tour the devastation. They took pictures and stated the same thing everyone does. You really have to see it, the images on TV don't even come close to showing the mile after mile of devastation.

Saturday was ball day. Dean leaves every Saturday morning during ball season at 7am so that he can work the concession stand. E stays up there with him all day! Well, yesterday I got there around 11am and it was so stinkin' hot! Like, 100 easy. No wind, lots of humidity and it was just awful! Our game was at 12:30 and by then Steele was just beside himself! He hadn't had a nap, he was burning up and there was no power aide to lick off the floor of the dug out like previous games cuz' the heat was soaking it up! So I had to take Steele for a ride in the car and I had to miss the only game we have won this season! E got two girls out too! The only up side was that Ammye was there and we sat in the car and caught up a little.

Saturday night Dean and I went to a get together for this class I am taking at church. I had to give a "5 minute" testimony and I think I didn't do so good but Dean said it was great. It was nice to meet new people and again be reminded of all the great stuff God is doing in both Dean and I. It's an exciting time.

Sunday morning it started with me going to my class at 8am. That class is just really amazing.Anne Morrow taught and it was great. I love how the main thrust of learning to be a leader at HPC is learning that you are a servant. All the leaders there are so into serving the people. When your pastor takes out trash at the ball park, you can't help but learn serving under him. The giving, serving, reaching and building is exciting and what I need to be a part of daily.

And finally Sunday night was Nadia Kelley, a girl on our ball teams, birthday party. We played lazer tag and I smoked everyone! I'm like one of those psycho killers shooting and screaming, taking out a few of my own guys in the process of totally annihilate the oponent-great fun!


danohlerking said…
and you think i'm unabashed with my product placement in blog pictures....
grace said…
ok...so i've finally met someone (virtually, but..that counts!) who has as busy(i prefer "full) a life as we have. Isn't it great how God blesses us? The thing is...being away, as I am now for 10 days with my husband, make me appreciate the craziness all the more. I hope you and your husband get some times like we've been having the during the past 10 days. Oh...and I can't WAIT to see that cars movie!

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