Tattoo You!

For fathers day the kids got Dean a gift card to a tattoo parlor here so he could get his "EyeClick to enlarge of the Tiger" tattoo. He has wanted it for a while.

Dean's is outlined in black, not white and it's on his upper right shoulder. It's very cool!

He has a snapping turtle on his left upper arm, that is for me, I' m the snapping turtle :-)


danohlerking said…
the turtle must have gotten his picture taken before being made into turtle soup, eh?
Anonymous said…
Did Dean get his tattoo yet? I want to see it. I know he's wanted that for a long time. Now, what are we getting next, Carole?
Carole Turner said…
Yea, I will post pics soon.

I gotta get my leaf still above my "Featheriron" :-)
Cajun Tiger said…
I'll never ever ever get a tatoo b/c I HATE needles, but if I were to get one, it would definitely be something LSU related =)

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