Swirl in a black and white world

Why don't more white and black Christian couples want to adopt bi-racial babies? I'm really trying to figure this out. I get why lost people have race issues but I don't get why Christian people do. I know of Christian couples that would rather wait ten years for a white baby then take a bi-racial baby now.
This is what I hear; "It's too hard on the family and the child to raise a bi-racial child in a very racist world." What does "hard" have to do with life decisions? When things are hard they grow us, they stretch us and most of the time they change the world. Isn't that what life is about? Getting to Heaven and hearing Him say "well done" I don't think a life lived safe and easy is a life where you are constantly dieing to self and becoming more like Jesus but that is what Jesus wants from us.

James 1:27 "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world". Racism is the world and has polluted the church when the church wont take care of an Orphan that isn't the same color as we are.

1 Peter 4:8 "Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins." racism is a multitude of sin. Yes, it may be hard for some, it hasn't been for us. We love that people look and see a family that doesn't all look the same in color but we all have eyes, legs, teeth, a heart. And we are all children of God that He sent Jesus to redeem. We are the same yet all of us are wonderfully different.


Anonymous said…
I agree, Sue. I think it's hard to be a Christian in a godless world, but we do that, too. The world may be racist, but my world isn't. We all protect and nurture our children in the coccoons of our own design. I think people are just agraid of facing those obstacles, and maybe that's ok for some. But I don't like calling it by another name. To say that you would only want a child of your own race, and then to imply that you're doing the reasonable thing, is probably just fear. Just call it that. (not you, but those who would say that)
grace said…
Great post! I can't wrap my mind around that sort of thinking either...not to mention my heart!
I hope and pray that if my husband and I don't one day adopt a biracial or child of different ethnicity (we've talked at length about doing this) that at least one of our sons will. Heck, I would LOVE it if one of them would marry outside our race and produce their own biracial child! We are all God's children.
Robin said…
Hey CT, this is George back on line again. We got DSL and it messed us up during the set up process. To answer the question about why don't Christians adopt more biracial kids? I'll answer that question with a question - why don't more Christians adopt mentally retarded or severely physically disabled children who reeeeaaallllyy need someone to take care of them? Don't let this blow your mind, cause the need is so great anyway you point that it is overwhelming. I believe you have to do what you believe God is directing you to do. He gives you the vision and desire in a particular area, such as mixed race adoption, and tells you to run with it. For others it may be a burden for the physically / mentally challenged. You have to go where God directs. That's when you fulfill His purpose for your life. Ya'll keep up the good work and don't get frustrated. GW.
Carole Turner said…
I totally agree George. There is always a challange to be more like Christ and take care of the least of these. So many Christian's do adopt the mentally/physically challenged and bi-racial children. I just wish the church would push it more in general. I love the faith based initiative program that Bush put into place. I think it is the churchs job to take care of society not the secular government so I love that the gov. gives funds to help the church do just that.

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