Some great things I've heard latley

"When your already in over your head it doesn't matter how deep you get" Joyce Meyer

"Never set goals, live every day in obedience to Christ" John Maxwell

"We can never go wrong if we make decisions under the influence of serving" Johnny Green

"Work till he says 'no' don't wait for the word 'go'". Not sure who said it first but heard it from Johnny Green

"We would all love to wash Jesus' feet but He has called us to wash each others". Johnny Green again

A giver is a reaper

A giver is a releaser

A giver is a doer

A giver is blessed and overflowing

All from the class I have been taking at HPC.

"I saved thousands from slavery and I could have saved more if only they had known they were slaves" Harriet Tudman

"Check ya' self before ya' reck ya' self" I don't know who said it but I sure try to live by it.

"There is always hope" The character Aragorn in The Two Towers

(you had to know I was gonna throw a Lord of The Rings quote in there.)


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