My favorite sayings that are not scripture (part 1)

"It's better to burn out then fade away"
Deff Lepard

Amen Def Lepard, Amen!

"What you fear you create"
Dr. Phil
So true so true. Fear takes your life, stops you in your tracks and makes you second guess God's direction-Say it with me GOT-NO-FEAR!!! I saw a shirt at Cedar Point, the amusement park it said "Gotnaphobia" I wish I had bought it.

"The cool points are out the window, you got me all caught up in the game"
Eugene Levy's
Character to Queen Latiffa's in "Bringing Down the House" That's me and Dean.

"Keep your forked tongue behind your teeth, I have not passed through fire and death to banty crooked words with a witless worm!"
to Worm tongue in The Two Towers
Sometimes I actually want to say that to people! I know, shame, shame.

"It's only the air you took and the breath you left"
John Mayer
-from the song Split screen Sadness. It is just a wonderfully written line to very clearly explain what my once married friends feel now. To long to explain.

OK, there are more but I'm going on a date to see "The Break-up" with Dean so I will finish later.


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