I was thinking about the Operation Rescue experience that I talked about in my post yesterday. I started feeling bad about how I portrayed them in that entry.
A few years back one of the local guys, who was the camera man at the abortion clinic, he would video us for legal purposes and argue with some of the preachers, he got saved and had a complete change of heart. Then I recalled what to me was such a clear witness of Christ love- Norma Ray McCury, she was the "Roe" of Roe Vs Wade, was working for Planned Parenthood in Dallas. She had been there for years. Well, Operation Rescue rented the office space right next to them and daily she encountered the Operation Rescue people. One day, she got saved. She was still living with her lesbian lover and they attended church together. When a reporter asked the leader of Operation Rescue why he would let a lesbian attend his church he told them because she was newly saved and like us all she was working out her salvation and Jesus was working on her. She told the reporter that it was because of their kindness and acceptance of her that she started to believe in Jesus.
I guess in my earlier post I was just trying to point out that some of the Christian's there seemed so concerned with stopping the abortions that they didn't try to love the protestors but most were actually very kind to them and I think were a great light for Jesus so I started feeling bad for saying that.


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