Another baby for the Turners?

We got a call over the weekend from my friend Hope in California. There is an 18 yr old girl that came to them asking if they knew anyone that would adopt a biracial baby. The girl is 6 1/2 or 7 months pregnant. The birth father is either a white red head or a black man, she is black. Hope thought of us.

This girl was raised in the foster system and she told Hope that the baby will go into the foster system if she does not find a family to adopt it.

Dean and I planned on adopting again, Dean even said we would have to get a call, like we did with Steele, for him to know it was God and that is what has happened.

This morning I was thinking "do I really want another baby right now?" and I heard what I have been reading so much about lately.."not my will but thine lord". And His ways are not my ways, they are perfect, and perfectly timed.

Again, this is an impossible situation financially for us. We are already thinking of fund raisers, and what we can sell. I wish I could say I had the faith this time like I had with Steele but I don't, the circumstances of life have started to shadow my clear view, pray I can shake them off.

We are going to move forward because I think we have the knowledge of something like this, as a Christian, we have an obligation to do what we can to prevent this child from becoming an orphan. There are very few families who are open to biracial children, we are. I don't feel it is a coincidence that we got the call, I think God has a plan for this so we are going to see if His plan is for us to have this child. Pray God heads us off at the pass if this is not His will and pray for resources if it is.


Cajun Tiger said…
That rocks!!! Definitely will keep ya'll in my prayers during this time of decision and transition.

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