What's Getting in Lately

As anyone who reads this blog knows. I love to read. But I am very specific and very in need of time to read the things I want to read. I cant and wont just read anything. I have to be hungry for it, need it or forced to read it for a class or study. Lately I am reading The Gospel According to Tolkien by Ralph C. Wood for the 4th time. I plan on using that book a lot when I start The Wardrobe and the White Tree Book Club-Life Group. This time I have these cool little flags that you can stick on the page, they book mark it for you. I love those things. The crazy thing is, though it's my forth time reading it, I am getting so much out of it. I have to read things several times to get it. I hate when I talk to friends like Ammye or Lorri after they have read a book, they are like, "yea, didn't you just love the part where he said..." And I'm looking at them thinking "Dang, I don't even remember that part!!" They just retain so much more then me. I can't sin and covet their gift but like Elijah I can ask God for some more of that. (wait, was it Elijah or Elisha? see, I cant even remember who was who!!)Right now I am missing my time to read Tolkien. I read some part of his mythology all the time, the Simirillion, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit. But lately I haven't had time. I have a new bible though that I have been reading. It's very hip, orange with a pink circular flap to close it with. I have been using Dean's bible for the last 12 years but now "Mr. Spiritual" has become a bible hog so I had to buy my own, $13.00, including shipping on EBay! See, that's why I love Ebay!

You know what I really love to read? Christianity Today Magazine. We have gotten it at work for a couple years. I would always take it home (I brought it back) and read it cover to cover most of the time. I decided to get it at home. If you get no other magazine, you should get Christianity Today. It is just the most informative and educational Christian Magazine. Through it and a couple of preacher blogs- http://www.challies.com, Monday Morning Insight, I learned what the Emergent Church was. I had never heard that term but now I have. I learn a lot of very productive stuff for my walk with Christ from CT also. It's just really a great magazine.

One last thing, why is there no funny, God fearing chick blogs? I look at my favorite links and it's all guys. Where are all the Christine Canes and Beth Moores of the blog world? We need you ladies. Jump in, put it all out there, like G.K. Chesterton said, "it's good to stay in hot water, it gets you clean". As long as I have plenty of Curel lotion after the bath, I'm all for the hot water!!


Cajun Tiger said…
Thanks so much for the Perry Noble recommendation...it is an awesome site that I will definitely go back and read past blogs.

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