It's 7:35pm on a Saturday night. Steele just went to bed, E is at a friends for the night, Dean is in Destin with Tony for the weekend and I am extremely tired and ready for bed. We had a softball game today at 9:30am. Kendel, a dad of one of the girls, coached and I manned the duggout.I came home and napped! All day I have felt tired. I think it's still the recovery from the surgery. My mom says I have been doing to much too soon, maybe she's right.

Hit the mother load at the Gap today. Yes, I have been good, I hadn't been to the gap in two months before today. I had to meet the people E was going to stay the night with at the mall, they live in Lavonia so we decided to meet there since they were doing some shopping. As we were getting off the interstate to go to the mall E informed me that she had forgotten her clothes. That is when I decided to go to the Gap. I was hoping I could find her some cheap clothes. Well did I ever-3.47 skort, 2.97 top, and a pack of panties for 4.97! I got Dean two nice dress shirts for 1.97 a piece! No, that's not a typo, I did say 1.97 each!! And the topper was what I got. See, a while back when I was working at the Gap we got in these white Jeans that had like a big patch on them, with lots of tears and stuff. Very cool and trendy but they were 60 bucks, which is way out of my range. Well today, those jeans, in a size 10 regular were 1.97!!! I couldn't believe it! 1.97! When I got in the car I called my sister to tell her my great deals and she said God was blessing me because I was doing so much better with my shopping addiction. I hadn't thought of that, I guess because I still feel I have so far to go but perhaps it's true. God is funny like that.


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