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I know I talk up my "links" a lot but right now you really aught to be checking out George's blog. He is currently going through Chemo and George is making light of the awful details like only George can. I love when someone can "take me there" and George can. This journey he is on is no fun but he finds a way to have fun when telling us about it. I have teared up more then once while reading and I have laughed out loud too. One thing for sure is that you wont forget George or his ordeal if you read his blog but also you wont forget all the other people you know who are going through Cancer or Chemo-he helps you feel their pain. We should feel it and pray hard for all of them. Most importantly you will see where George gets the strength to laugh during pain, to rejoice in adversity-the light of the world, Jesus.


Robin said…
Thanks Carole. Check out my comment on you kids blog. GW

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